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Oct 24, 2006

One day late

by admin — last modified Oct 24, 2006 12:00 AM

Well - nothing much happened last week anyway - still a lot of calling around to the newspapers and doing promo. I also did some work for a song I intend for my next album.

Rhapsody users (US only so far) now have access to Serendipity - go ahead and listen :) ...

This week I'll be calling around to some musicians I know of to hear if they want to join up with me - maybe I'll get a band on the road soon.

Talking about bands: my main inspirators Genesis are probably working on a new album and tour (guessing here). They have announced that they will come with an announcement November the 7th. I've been waiting for a Genesis reunion for 9 years now, so I don't need to tell you I'm excited about this :) ...

Oct 16, 2006

Press Tour and playing around with Ninjam

by admin — last modified Oct 16, 2006 12:00 AM

Tuesday last week I was live on "Kanal 1" in Drammen. After that we had a 2 hour drive up to a place called "Hedmarken" - 3 more interviews there. They all went pretty well, I think. No luck so far with the larger newspapers, but I keep pestering them so hopefully ...

Also I have discovered Ninjam a cool application which allow you to jam online with other people. I'll be online as "FinnArild" if you wanna jam with me.

Oct 09, 2006

First review in larger newspaper "Dice 4"

by admin — last modified Oct 09, 2006 12:00 AM

The last week started off with the photo shoot for Tuesdays article in Romerikes Blad. They gave a pretty good review I thought and the main story was over 2 pages so I'm pretty happy with it.

Wednesday I sent out CDs to the 15 (other) largest newspapers in Norway and I hope most of them will give the record a listen, and give it a review. I'll be spending this week on the phone with them to make sure they do their best :-)

Tomorrow I'm off for a mini press tour, starting off at Radio 1 in Drammen, then driving up to Kongsvinger and the local radios there.

Oct 02, 2006

First international radio interview in the box - more local newspapers.

by admin — last modified Oct 02, 2006 12:00 AM

So the first international live radio interview is done - if you missed it you can go to my reviews page to play it (with permission from Mark himself ). The interview aired on Sunday and on the same day I had an interview with another local newspaper: Romerikes Blad. This interview will be on print and on the web tomorrow, along with the first review from a large Norwegian newspaper.